Quinta 1001 Patas

(c) Kris Vlegels

In 2015 we bought a plot of land in the middle-of-nowhere. The first day we planted an almond tree. The next day, an apple tree. Then some cherry trees, peaches and apricots, fig trees, paw paws. Citrus trees of all kinds. Planes, oaks, magnolias,… Trees for fruit, for shade, for oxygen. At least a tree every day. Nuts? Nuts! Soap nut trees (yes, you don’t need detergents to wash cloths!). Trees for the future. 
Seeded plants. 1000’s of variaties. In our green house, in the soil. Vegetables. Berry’s. Herbs. Beans. Pumpkins,… Too much to eat? Oh no. We have a lot of help. Our greedy, adorable Mangalitsa’s. Every day they enjoy the harvest. Every season they profit from another meal. And we… we profit from their shit. That is our little secret, why everything grows so fast. Pig shit. No shit!