Virtual visit

At Quinta 1001 Patas, it’s all about the animals. They are our stars. The better their life, the happier the pig, the better our product.
Call it the bio-ethical approach, call it respect, for us it’s just… natural.
All our pigs live outdoors, all year long, with shelters against the rain and the cold, but frankly, they don’t give a *** about rain or cold. 

The females live in 1 big group with their babies. Once the piglets reach the age of 3 months, we bring them to another patch. The 8 breeding males also live together in a separate part of the land. Each plot has trees, bushes, and is in fact a small wilderness; the pigs themselves ‘manage’ the land. A water ‘bath’, a mud puddle, fruit trees, azinheiras, … each group of animals has them available.

After separating the piglets from the mothers, they go live next to their older siblings; 4 groups of different ages, each in their own little country.

Our pigs on television (SIC – Portugal)